Developed to support current specialisms in research and curriculum studies within the University of Worcester, the Research Collections include an exceptional range of historical children’s literature of the 19th and 20th centuries, a significant local business archive, a range of materials relating to children’s theatre, and a major sporting archive.

Henty_Friends Though divided
Illustrations for ‘Friends Though Divided’ by G.A. Henty, 1883

These are not collections which are intended to be locked away in darkened rooms to be viewed only by a few; they are accessible to all and we are keen to share the wealth of material they contain. The Research Team who curate the collections are a proactive, lively and communicative team who are delighted to share their knowledge and the collections.

  • Basketball Heritage:  A significant collection focusing on the history of the sport in the UK.
  • Childhood:  The changing experience of childhood since the 19th century
  • Children’s literature: Children’s literature since 1800, including the internationally renowned Brown Collection of works by GA Henty
  • Children’s theatre: Professional theatre for young audiences in the UK and abroad
  • Education:  History of education in textbooks and posters
  • Design:  Novelty books, literary postcards and penguin book covers.
  • History:  Including the Kay’s archive and the Worcestershire Archaeological Society
  • Literature:   Works by authors with links to Worcestershire  and a small collection of 19th and early 20th-century items in German.

For further information about the Research Collections and their accessibility to Research Students, Academics and the Public visit the main collections website.

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