Lea was with the Research Collections for two weeks in October and we asked her to write a guest blog post.

Hi! I am Lea from Germany and I’m doing a work placement for 2 weeks in the Research Collections of the University of Worcester.

I am truly interested in other countries and cultures. This makes it even better that I’ve discovered Postcrossing. On the website www.postcrossing.com, you can send postcards to people all over the world. It’s the perfect place for people like me who like to receive letters and postcards. The Research Collections at the University of Worcester have a big collection of postcards. I picked some out and I’ll say why I did that.

This is the first card. It’s about cats. I just think it is pretty. It’s not a card with a special meaning. I like the cat and the blue edge with the ornamentation. Normally I don’t like things like that but it fits in this case.

Postcard 1
The next card is a bit different. Probably most people would say it is a typical girly card. But I choose it because it reminds me of something. The Elves, Unicorns, Wizards and the forest and the mountains in the background reminds me of Lord of the Rings. I really enjoyed the movies and liked the mystical feeling it gave me. It is also a very beautiful designed card with a great style of drawing. The card reminds me also of my friend who is a big Lord of the Rings Fan.

The next card reminds me of my childhood. I don’t remember how the story is called but my mum used to read from that story. The small rabbit always said how much he loved the big rabbit. That was very cute.

The next card is one of my favourites. I love all this stories about Ghosts, Monster, and Vampires. So this card is perfect. I think it looks like the people on the card are a big vampire family. They have pale skin and ….at the back you can even see a coffin.  If someone would send me a card like this, I would be super happy.

Postcard4 As happy as I was when I found these cards. Goosebumps were my absolute favourite books when I was little. I still have tons at home. Even today I enjoy reading them.

SAM_2588 SAM_2590

The next two are the last cards. On the green card is written: “Somehow I must find my way out of this forest”. This text is good to interpret. It could mean that you have to solve your own problem or something different depending on how you’ll interpret it. For every human it could mean something different. Or nothing at all.


The red card is to my liking. It is written as a rhyme: “Money. That money talks, I won’t deny. I heard it once, it said “Goodbye””. This is so true! It describes exactly my situation and everybody else’s. I think everyone has this situation with money.


Those were all postcards. I hope you enjoyed this little blog post.