In Kays’ catalogue of Autumn/Winter 1927, blankets look like very serious business.

Pages 410-1 sell ‘Witney blankets’ which are apparently ‘famous all over the World’ and ‘unrivalled in their excellency’. Not every blanket could be a ‘Witney’. In fact, it was a registered trade mark — a matter which Kays treat very seriously:

The House of Lords decided that it is illegal to describe or to sell as “Witney Blankets” unless the goods are actually manufactured at Witney, and proceedings will be taken against any dealers palming off goods that have been manufactured in other places.

As a GUARANTEE to our Customers WE SEW UPON EVERY PAIR of our Witney Blankets a label, of which we show AN EXACT COPY, worked in coloured letters upon a white ground, and WITHOUT THIS NONE IS GENUINE.

Just look at those capitals. The sign of a really high-quality blanket.

'Real Witney, also Yorkshire Wool Blankets', Autumn/Winter 1927.
‘Real Witney, also Yorkshire Wool Blankets’, Autumn/Winter 1927.

You really need a blanket, by the way. In case a spell of warm weather has affected your memory, a subsequent page gives a bit of a prod, in big bold italics: ‘Are you Prepared for the Cold Nights?

Even if you can’t afford a Witney or a ‘real Eiderdown’, Kays have something they can sell you. It’s one of their ‘exceedingly useful medicatted Wadded Quilts (reversible)‘.

I’m not sure what the medication would have entailed — can anyone tell me? — but apparently, the quilt is ‘perfectly hygienic and healthy‘. You won’t need to take it to the doctor any time soon.

'Are you Prepared for the Cold Nights?' Autumn/Winter 1927.
‘Are you Prepared for the Cold Nights?’ Autumn/Winter 1927.

But the truth is, you ought to buy a ‘real “Eidy”‘. There is, after all, ‘something more than fascination to the eye in a “K” Real Eiderdown Bed Coverlet’. Though something nice will meet the eye, as it is available in ‘smart colourings, of dainty art shades’. And nothing nasty will meet the body, as it’s been ‘thoroughly sterilized’.

Moreover, Kays have ‘vastly improved our Quilt value this Season — the Down is of finer quality, and we have added several ounces more to the weight‘. Too bad if you bought your quilt six months ago.

'An Original Production', Kays eiderdown, Autumn/Winter 1927.
‘An Original Production’, Kays eiderdown, Autumn/Winter 1927.

Unfortunately, not all of Kays’ linen and related items were quite this exciting, even in 1927. They don’t even seem to try with the sheets:

'Bed Sheets and Sheetings / Serviceable and Durable', Autumn/Winter 1927.
‘Bed Sheets and Sheetings’, Autumn/Winter 1927.

And the less said about the roller towelling, the better.

'Special Offer in Roller Towellings', Autumn/Winter 1927.
‘Special Offer in Roller Towellings’, Autumn/Winter 1927.

Still, the ‘Fancy Quilts’ look quite nice:

'Fancy Quilts in Artistic Weaves', Autumn/Winter 1927.
‘Fancy Quilts in Artistic Weaves’, Autumn/Winter 1927.

I quite fancy the honeycomb one.

And I was pleased to learn that not only were all of Kays’ towels ‘absorbent, good looking, long wearing, and inexpensive’, they could also ‘accomplish all towel purposes’.

'Hand and Face Towels', Autumn/Winter 1927.
‘Hand and Face Towels’, Autumn/Winter 1927.

One is even made from ‘Super Yarn‘. I think this must probably be a good thing.