A few stories of the British Empire written by GA Henty

Did you notice that G. A. Henty got a mention by Ian Hislop last night on his programme ‘Stiff Upper Lip’?  He suggested that Henty’s heroes suppressed their emotions and created the archetype of the stoic, silent hero.

It just shows how important it is to read the stuff – there is not a story written by our hero, Henty,  where his hero does not provide a show of emotion by bursting into tears, of relief, pain, distress, or all three. He is human, even though distinctly ‘British’.

For a further description of the traits of Henty’s heroes, read out Adventure page.  Or better still, come and check out the evidence by visiting the largest collection of Henty material available in an educational establishment: your very own Research Collections in Woodbury.