Have you ever wanted to be part of a rip-roaring historical adventure? To cross the Abyssinian plains and encounter the wilderness beyond?

Now you can, using the Learning Activity Resource created by Sarah Stretton, our graduate trainee. The new learning resource has been designed to provide young learners with a chance to live the adventures that feature in our wonderful collections of children’s literature.

Focusing on March to Magdalaby GA Henty, the prolific 19th century writer of adventures for young people, this resource is packed with fun educational activities for younger learners is an excellent entrance point both to Henty’s personal world and to the politics of the period.

March to Magdala is based on GA Henty’s own diaries of the Abyssinian Expedition of 1868. It is now part of Brown Collection of works by Henty, held by the Research Collections at the University of Worcester.

More details about the Learning Adventure can be found here.