The Red Pirate, 1934

What a treat for us today! The latest acquisitions for the Westerman collection turned up in the post.  It was spotted for us by Nigel, the hawk-eyed fan of Westerman, long-term supporter of the Research Collections and author of Westerman Yarns. We knew we could expect some good material in the parcel.

On opening it, we found it contained a copy of The Wireless Officer, published in 1922.  An excellent yarn, this edition is in good condition, although sadly missing 3 of its illustrations. Still, it all adds to the collection and we are delighted to receive it.

The big treat was an issue of Chums magazine, 1933-1934, in which was published a serial by Westerman entitled ‘The Red Pirate’.  This is a new story for our collection and we are looking forward to reading it.  Here are some pictures to keep you going!